On view at citizen


Thursday, Feburary 7th:

5:30 - 7:30pm     Art Exhibition Cocktail Hour


 SAGE RVA, LLC and Citizen Restaurant, in partnership with Candela Books & Gallery, are pleased to present “Portals,” a solo exhibition of work featuring regional artist Harrison D. Walker, lately of Macon, GA. This exhibition is part of the on-going series at Citizen Restaurant, curated by SAGE RVA, LLC, called “On View at Citizen.” This exhibition in particular is co-curated and sponsored with the assistance of Candela Books & Gallery, Richmond, VA.

Walker, a native of Alabama, is a southern artist who shows regionally and internationally. He recently had a show at Candela Books & Gallery, here in Richmond, of some earlier examples of his “Portals” series. He will be showing new and differently focused examples of this series at Citizen, along with two specially-produced pieces which will expose over the course of the show’s time on display.

Walker works in the gray area between photography and printmaking, exploring how light, dark, time, and perception color our experience of his work. Using traditional printing and photography techniques, he creates work that speaks to a sense of the sublime and walks the line between representation and abstraction.