Chemistry of a Color by Haylie Zapantis

Exhibition Dates: October 1 - December 1

A series of art exhibits on view at Citizen Restaurant. Curated by SAGE creative consulting.


Thursday October 4th     5:00 - 7:00 pm     Opening Reception

     (come for the opening, get 10% off your bill if you stay for dinner)

Friday October 5th     2:00 - 9:00 pm      Extended Happy Hour for First Fridays

Friday November 2nd     2:00 -9:00 pm     Extended Happy Hour for First Fridays

Artist Statement:

Everything about my mark making process accelerated when I entered the dye kitchen. Smashing petals, foraging dyes, and oxidizing cloth manifest the energy and excitement I experience within the dye world. I am enchanted by the irreplaceable impressions and saturation that penetrates a built surface, transforming cloth chemically over time. My dye work explores methods of producing color, piecing, seams, and saturation with large scale installations. Chemistry of a Colour, explores large-scale dye installations, focusing on various dye colorants such as indigo and acid dyes. These works act as color studies on cloth using various fibers such as silks, rayon, velvet, cotton, and wool. The works color play, transparency and light keep the work in constant flux. The space bring excitement beyond a wall, allowing the exploration of color with each dye process on a playful and intimate scale.