On View At Citizen

"Wild" by Maribeth Nolde


Exhibition Dates: December 3, 2018 - February 2, 2019


Thursday, December 6th:

5:30 - 7:30pm     Artist's Reception

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Friday, December 7th:     2:00-9:00pm    

Extended Happy Hour for First Fridays

Friday, January 4th:     2:00-9:00pm    

Extended Happy Hour for First Fridays

Artist Statement

"There is an old feel to Richmond. It is a southern city where turn of the century architecture coexists with the modern.

Running through this city is The James River - a wild, untamed river with rapids (that challenge even experienced kayakers), fishing areas, large rocks, wildlife, and hiking in a scenic park on the shores. This wildness is what drew me to the river’s edge and onto its bridges, wanting to capture the feel of being in a wild place within a modern and old southern city.

Camera in hand, I walked the banks of The James River, on the bridges, along the roads, along the shores. I climbed down to overgrown areas along the river. It was wild and yet familiar to me. And as I explored this wildness, the city of Richmond was in the background with its tall buildings, modern and old bridges, large homes, and a recognition that the wild and the tame live together within this beautiful southern city.

My hope was to capture the juxtaposition of the wild and tame, but the wildness seemed to always predominate. As I explored, I picked up items along the shores to enhance your sense of being in an untamed place. With this series, I invite you to see the wildness that is just outside our doors.